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5 Wig Tips for a Completely Natural Look – Shawtywig

5 Wig Tips for a Completely Natural Look

  1. Rooted colors make all the difference

Rooted colors in a wig give dimension, and give the illusion of the hair growing right out of your scalp. For those of you who have a favorite wig but it doesn't come in a rooted color. Recommend getting a blend of two colors that way it gives you dimension and it looks more natural.

  1. Lace front in monofilament is a key

Shawtywig.com offers a variety of styles that come with these qualities without having to spend a fortune. You don't necessarily need to buy the most expensive wig to achieve a natural look. Lace front will give you the most natural looking hair line. While the monofilament will give the illusion of hair growing right out of your scalp where it's parted. Using hair powder to temper the shine make sure you condition the ends. Last, but not least, using product this will make it easier when you're styling your wig and customize it to make it your own.

  1. Friction & Heat

Now if your wig has tons of fly-away, here's a trick to smooth them down.     

      A .warm your hands together to create friction and heat.

      B.once you feel the warm, place it on top and this will help smooth down any unnecessary fibers that are sticking up.

      C.then take your hands and smooth them down.


      4 .Placement

Where you wear your wig will definitely make a difference in how natural it looks. If it's too far down on your forehead, it will be noticeable. You want to pull it back just a little bit right where your natural hair line begins. First you want to make sure you have the right wigs size. Then we recommend wearing either a nylon or mesh cap underneath, this will help conceal your own hair and help prevent any hair from falling out under the wig. Now if you don't have any hair and you're trying to figure out where your hair line would be we call this the 90 degrees angle. Simply hold your hand in front of your face, put the other hand on top, where your fingertips meet will be right where your hairline is.

  1. The Trick
  2. cut the lace completely back, then pull out your own hairs around you face.
  3. slip the wig on making sure the placement is good, then style you own hairs to match the wigs texture.


These are these top tips for making your wig look completely natural. Thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe to our web.