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Are Wigs Uncomfortable and Hot in Summer? – Shawtywig

Are Wigs Uncomfortable and Hot in Summer?

On summer days, when you’re at work in the office or go shopping with your sis in a shopping mall, or somewhere with great air conditioning, a fashion hair wig will multiple your pretty and confident. 

But summer heat waves are everywhere

Don’t worry sis, there still are some ways can help us to deal with the issues and fell a bit less uncomfortable. 

1.CHOOSE  SOFT, LARGE, 13*6 HD LACE                                                        

13*6  makes ventilation more significant,HD lace makes wearing more       comfortable and light

2.CHOOSE A WIG WITH A SHORT CUT.                                                                

We choose short hair to avoid hair sticking to the neck.Wigs with less volume,  will be cooler, to let airflow in.

And there’s still another thing can make a wig uncomfortable all the days not only in summer, like the sensitive scalp. So, test the glue you’re going to use first before you applying to the hairline.

For this, you can visit ShawtyWig GrandRapids. We have our own hair stylist and peripheral products to make you more beautiful this summer.