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Human vs Synthetic Hair – Shawtywig

Human vs Synthetic Hair

Synthetic Wigs

The fear of Synthetic wigs is that they won’t look natural. The opposite is the case and they have come a long way in terms of look and feel. Most of the time you wouldn’t even know unless you held a human hair wig next to it.

The main benefit of a synthetic wig is its ability to be worn out of the box with little to no styling. Its ability to stay in style guarantees your hair will look great all day long.

This does mean, however, that a synthetic wig offers less versatility. The style is set and the wig will not be heat-friendly unless otherwise stated. Synthetic wigs will usually last between 4-6 months but you will benefit from lower cost, meaning you may choose to have a variety of styles that are ready to wear.

If you are looking for low maintenance and natural wig that is also affordable, a synthetic wig is a fantastic choice!

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Human Hair Wigs

If you are looking for the most natural appearance and quality, a human hair wig will offer both. Human hair wigs are extremely versatile and will move just like real hair.

Your human hair wig will not come styled or ready to wear. This allows you to put your own stamp on it and create a look as individual as you. As the quality is higher the wig will be extremely durable, and with the proper care should last around a year.

When caring for your human hair wig you’ll need to ensure you use products specifically for processed hair as you will not get the benefits from the natural oils your own hair would. You must keep it hydrated. This higher maintenance may be seen as a downfall but lots of women enjoy the daily routine of styling caring for the wig as they would their own hair.

As you can imagine a human hair wig will be the more expensive option. However, it will leave you with a beautifully natural appearance that will be undetectable to the eye. Allowing you to feel confident with your look.

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