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Brand ambassadors recruitment

As an ambassador, You will

  1. Receive 15% commission of the sale price every time their personal code is used(app提成)
  2. Receive an exclusive discount code.Customized discount code for you and your followers(购买折扣)
  3. Get invited to exclusive events and photoshoots, Represent the brand at photoshoots and events
  4. Have the opportunity to receive free products(giveaway 活动,marketing 组织的活动
  5. Receive $10 per post when ”like” over 100 and ($1 for 30 “like”, $5 for 30-50 “like”,$8 for “like”...)(返现)或每30个赞返现一美金
  6. Have the opportunity to participate in new product launches(邀请当地的KOL到店参加活动)
  7. Receive a welcome gift(KOL购买时送赠品,单独包装说明)
  8. Receive at least $10 for a valuable video(more than 1000 page views)

What you have to do

  1. Note in your bio that you’re a Shawtywig ambassador
  2. Post two images of Shawtywig products a week

    - Showcase your social media
    - Be willing to feature products on your social media
    -Actively post on your social media

  3. Share your specific discount code for your friends and family,Encourage others to use your referral link

  4. Share a valuable video for shawtywig 

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